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COMMISSIONS!!! by Super-Chi COMMISSIONS!!! by Super-Chi
I anticipate having a bit of spare time over the coming months, so I've decided to re-open COMMISSIONS!
These are some sample commission prices/examples. Feel free to ask any questions!

:bulletblue: No dragons, horses, uber-muscular dudes, or Sonic characters.
:bulletblue: No fetishes, explicit pornography, or torture.
:bulletblue: Nothing intensely mechanical/robotic.
:bulletblue: Nothing digital.

:star: I will draw fanart, nudity, and mild gore.

:bulletred: You may not use my commissions for personal gain.

Please be VERY specific about what you would like, and do not hesitate to send me plenty of references. 

1. Time limit: I can usually get a piece finished in a few days, but I'll ask for a few weeks (just for good measure).
2. Payment: via PAYPAL or e-transfer only.
To avoid any inconvenience, I won't start working until I get a payment.
3. I'll send you a work-in-progress update of your picture, so you decide if you like it so far, or if I need to make improvements.
4. I'll mail you the finished product!
I will ship internationally. Shipping charges apply (these will depend on your location, as well as the weight of the package; however, here are some estimates):
:bulletblue: to Canada - 2.50$
:bulletblue: to US - 3.50$
:bulletblue: outside of Canada or US - 6$ and up (it depends on your location)

Send me a note if you are interested! :)
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